Hoffmann, HerbertDr. Herbert Hoffman,
Doemens Academy
Munich, Germany

Dr. Herbert Hoffmann is a native of upper Bavaria. He was raised in Munich is a graduate of the world renowned University of Munich-Weihenstephan where he earned an Engineering degree in Brewing and Beverage Technology. In 1975 he joined The Coca-Cola Company where he worked for 28 years in key technical roles in major markets across the globe, including the US, Germany, and Japan. In 2003 Dr. Hoffman retired from Coca-Cola and moved back to his home town of Munich. Today he is a highly sought-after consultant and a member of the faculty at Doemens Academy of Brewing where he also serves as a member of the board of directors. In his free time, Dr. Hoffman enjoys traveling through Bavaria with his wife, strolling around the city of Munich, hiking in the mountains, skiing and playing golf.