Timothy ShuttTimothy B. Shutt,
Professor of Humanities & Director of
Integrated Program in the Humane Studies,
Kenyon College
Gambier, Ohio

For over twenty years Professor Timothy Baker Shutt has taught at Kenyon College in rural Gambier, Ohio, famed for its splendid teaching, for its literary tradition, and for its unwavering commitment to the liberal arts. No teacher at Kenyon has ever been more often honored, both by the college and by his students, for his exceptional skills in the classroom and as a lecturer. He is the recipient of the Trustee Award for Distinguished Teaching and has thrice been awarded the Senior Cup, presented each year to the community member who has contributed most to the college. Professor Shutt’s courses in Kenyon’s interdisciplinary Integrated Program in Humane Studies and in the Department of English alike are always heavily oversubscribed, and he lectures on Homer, Plato, Aristotle, the Bible, the Greek historians, Virgil and Dante every year to packed classrooms.

Shutt is a native of Ohio, raised in Michigan and schooled in Connecticut, where he was honored as an All-American swimmer during his high school years at the Hotchkiss School, and devoted much of his time to drama. He majored in English as undergraduate at Yale (’72). After three years at St. Mark’s School of Texas, where he taught English and History—and coached swimming—Shutt went on to graduate school in English, specializing in medieval literature and the history of ideas at the University of Virginia as a du Pont Fellow. After earning his Ph.D. in 1984, Shutt spent two further years at Virginia as Mellon Post-Doctoral Research Fellow. He has published numerous works for Recorded Books Modern Scholar Series, included among them works titled The Life and Works of C.S. Lewis and Hebrews, Greeks, and Romans: The Foundations of Western Civilization. Shutt has taught at Kenyon in 1986, deeply enjoying his contacts with students and the peaceful life of the Ohio countryside.