Demo Form: Registration

Here's a complex, multi-page form to let people register for a lovely cruise in the Persian Gulf. It includes a simulated external payment gateway step for credit-card payments. As with the petition demo form, it uses the API to submit the submissions, which gives the developer more control. Also, some server-side (PHP) validation has been included.

In this case, form submissions are not automatically finalized: after submitting the contents to Form Tools to storage, they are not visible within the client interface. They only become visible after a successful transaction is made through the (mock) external payment gateway - i.e. they only get listed if the registrant makes a successful payment. This example is specifically for use with an external payment gateway, but the technique can be used in any situation when you need to approve the submission at a later date, after the submission was initially made.

As before, if you don't want the hassle of filling in all the fields, click here. Submit the form to continue.


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If you have any special meal considerations, please describe:
Please advise us of any special physical constraints you may have:
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