What we do: Scholarly Sojourns takes special pride in offering a boutique collection of uniquely crafted educational tours (we call them “sojourns”) for life-long learners of all ages. Focusing on fascinating subjects and keeping our groups small, we are able to take you off the beaten path, beyond the throngs of tourists, and allow you to experience a side of the world that few others ever get to see. Led by respected scholars, noted experts, and gifted teachers, each sojourn is an opportunity to explore a fascinating subject while traveling under the guidance of a genuine expert. If you enjoyed studying abroad in college, or if you never got the chance to, here’s another opportunity!

How we started: Scholarly Sojourns was founded by John J. Alexander, the developer of the award-winning Modern Scholar Series. After spending years in the audio publishing industry producing life-long learning and self-enrichment programs for adults, John assembled a team of passionate travel professionals and renowned professors, noted experts, and award-winning teachers, many of whom he had worked with in the publishing world. Together this dynamic group designs unparalleled travel opportunities for discriminating travelers – those who understand the value of life-long learning and who believe that every journey is also an opportunity to engage the mind.

Our core beliefs: We offer a number of program types to suit different tastes and travel preferences, but all Scholarly Sojourns are designed around our core beliefs:

  • ~ Every journey should engage the mind
  • ~ An inspiring scholar is the best guide
  • ~ Small, intellectually-engaged groups
  • ~ Foster a mentally stimulating atmosphere
  • ~ Combine relaxation and thoughtful inquiry
  • ~ Make it the experience of a lifetime

Never straying from these beliefs we craft unparalleled travel opportunities for travelers who want to come home with more than merely souvenirs.

Our marks of distinction: Scholarly Sojourns has earned wide-spread recognition for the imaginative itineraries we develop and the variety of timeless subjects we offer to explore. While each sojourn is unique not only in subject matter, but also in atmosphere and style, there are key common elements you are certain to encounter on every Scholarly Sojourn:

Incredible scholars: Each sojourn is led by a renowned scholar or genuine expert in their field. Most often this means a sitting professor from a noted college or university. Many are widely published authors whose expertise is frequently sought by major media organizations such as The History Channel, CNN, and The New York Times. Our sojourn leaders are the difference between going on just another tour and taking part in an absolutely unparalleled learning experience. These dedicated, committed, and passionate teachers design the entire scholarly program of each sojourn and personally invest themselves in making sure you have an unmatched learning experience. No other tour organizer can claim to have the distinguished leaders that Scholarly Sojourns brings you.

Distinctive destinations and itineraries: We take special pride in developing programs that allow you to learn on location at destinations that have inspired philosophers, writers, theologians, artists, and craftsman throughout the ages. Each sojourn is designed to give you in-depth understanding of people and events that have shaped human history. And each itinerary is specifically created to take you away from the tourist traps, off the beaten path, and make sure you experience an authentic side of the world most tourists never get to see.

Local expertise:We utilize a vast network of local guides and guest speakers who are specially selected to supplement the material presented by sojourn leaders and to provide detailed information on specific landmarks, museums, and local history. These local experts provide insiders knowledge at museums, historic sites, and on walking tours.

Personal service and attention:Individual attention is one of our primary concerns, so each sojourn is limited to a small number of participants. These intimate groups provide everyone time to interact with the sojourn leader as well as get to know fellow tour members who share their intellectual curiosity. In addition, a Scholarly Sojourns’ Tour Manager is always on hand to make sure no detail is overlooked and to handle any special requests.

Remarkable lodging and cuisine:
One-of-a-kind, boutique hotels and intimate and award-winning restaurants create the ideal backdrop for each sojourn. From breathtaking chateaus and charming country inns to former Ottoman palaces, our lodging is specially selected for its unique character and exceptional attention to service and detail. Restaurants feature the finest local cuisine and are chosen to provide an ideal atmosphere for engaging conversation.

When you join us on a Scholarly Sojourn, we guarantee you won’t just be going on another tour. Better yet, we promise you’ll be returning with a richer understanding of our world. All of us at Scholarly Sojourns hope to see you soon!

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