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When we travel, it is mainly for the destination-to visit beautiful places so that we may immerse ourselves in the history and culture. Meals may be a side thought, something to grab as we head to the next place. On Scholarly Sojourns’ exquisitely designed Epicurean tours, food and drink become the destination, greatly enhancing all the senses. These trips take us to countries that know how to nourish our bodies and teach us the cultural significance of preparing and partaking in quality food and drink. Epicurean tours delve into how and why certain foods flourish in certain areas, allowing us to enjoy each component of a great meal.

What consists of a great meal? Days spent learning about the quality of soil and the type of climate that produce the best grapes in different countries gives us a better understanding of age and flavor. Private cooking classes with esteemed chefs and time spent watching them practicing the art of composing an exquisite meal fill us with gastronomical success. And finally, sharing all of that wonderful knowledge over a meal prepared together, with thoughtfulness and love, as we indulge in conversation with other sojourners and discuss our devotion to a life of good food.

Epicurean tours will provide you with comfort and nourishment in beautiful settings. They will heighten your senses and leave you with an appreciation of food that you will enjoy for years to come. Enter into the food side of travel, with a tour designed for that great meal you wish to experience.

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