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4 Tremendous Benefits of Traveling in Small Groups with Scholarly Sojourns

Small groups deliver big rewards on our sojourns. Here are just a few of the many benefits you’ll enjoy when you join us…

1. Connect with Like-Minded Travelers

Our small groups connect you with other intellectually-curious travelers who share your interest in a particular subject. Thus, social dynamics are quick to develop and fast friendships are formed. At Scholarly Sojourns, the majority of our travel programs are limited to just 16 passengers (and sometimes fewer). This means that you’ll partake in more meaningful interactions, more lively discussions, and forge friendships that not only enrich your travel experience, but that continue long after the sojourn concludes.

2. Enjoy Individual Attention From Your Expert Leader

Small groups also give you unfettered access to your sojourn leader. This is especially remarkable when you consider that your host is an acclaimed scholar, a noted historian, or other celebrated authority. Consider, for example, visiting the castles of Britain with a historian who has written books on the very sites you see. Or, imagine exploring locations of Arthurian ledgend with a distinguished professor of medieval literature. The charismatic scholars who lead our sojourns share a passion for teaching and an enthusiasm for travel. They are hand-selected for thier committment to delivering incomparable experiences for every sojourn participant. With individual attention from experts of this caliber, Scholarly Sojourns delivers unparalleled insight into the places and people that have shaped our world.

3. Gain Exclusive Access to Authentic, Local Experiences

It’s no surprise that the best restaurants and boutique hotels are not able to accommodate large groups. With Scholarly Sojourns, however, you’ll enjoy opportunities to stay at one-of-a-kind hotels and dine at award-winning restaurants that are unavailable to the typical commercial tour company. You’ll also gain behind-the-scenes access to heritage sites and cultural experiences that won’t suffer heavy foot traffic. Truffle hunting in Turin? Inside the rock-cut Chapelle Sainte-Radegonde in Chinon? A glimpse at the rare manuscripts hidden in the Parker Library at Cambridge Univeristy? Special adventures like these get you off the beaten path and allow you immerse yourself in the destination – free from the jostling masses. Because of their stature, our expert leaders have relationships with local artisans, authorities, and academics…the keyholders. They draw upon their personal networks to gain you insider access at some of the world’s most coveted, yet rarely-seen locations.

4. Travel in Comfort and Make the Most of your Time

Small groups are nimble groups. With a maximum of just 16 passengers on your sojourn, you’ll spend less time getting on and off the coach, checking into hotels, and getting in and out of attactions – far less time waiting in general. Thus, you’ll enjoy more quality time exploring the sites you visit. Comfortable transport is also vital to an incredible journey. Our small groups allow us to utilize over-sized coaches that afford you room to spread out and relax during your travels–no searching for storage space or vying for elbow room. You’ll unwind in comfort between sites and enjoy complimentary refreshments with the peace to simply sit back and marvel at the scenery.

Ready to enjoy a truly personalized travel experience? Indulge your fascinations?

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