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4 Amazing Benefits of Traveling in Small-Groups with Scholarly Sojourns

Read below to learn about the four spectacular benefits of traveling with Scholarly Sojourns on their small-group travel programs and how to get the best value from your next sojourn.

1. Connect with Like-Minded Travelers

In a small group, it’s easy to befriend your fellow travelers. Social dynamics are quick to form here, and so help people get acquainted and share in another’s intellectual curiosities. By contrast, it can be a challenge to connect with strangers in a large tour setting.At Scholarly Sojourns, we limit our travel groups to 16 individuals. This means that you’ll partake in more meaningful interactions, more lively discussions, and forge the quick friendships that enable a truly enriching travel experience.

2. Enjoy Personalized Attention From Your Guide

Small groups give you unfettered access to your travel guide. This is especially valuable when your host is a certified expert in archaeology, literature or history. For example, imagine touring the British Isles with an acclaimed scholar of Arthurian lore. Stroll amongst the great castles of old Cornwall and Somerset with learned storyteller eager to immerse you in the legend of Camelot like never before. Our charismatic scholars are hand-selected from a pool of accredited specialists. With the individual attention of a certified expert, Scholarly Sojourns offers you unparalleled insight into your favorite places and people.

3. Gain Exclusive Access to Local Experiences

Many of the best restaurants and boutique hotels abroad will not accommodate large groups. With Scholarly Sojourns, you get to stay at one-of-a-kind hotels and dine at intimate, award-winning restaurants that are unavailable to the typical commercial tour. You’ll also gain behind-the scene access to heritage sites and cultural experiences that won’t suffer heavy foot traffic. Truffling hunting in Turin? Backstage at a famous opera in Florence? Special adventures like these get you off the beaten path and allow you immerse yourself in the destination – free from the jostling masses. Our experts guides also have relationships with local artisans, professors, and keyholders. They draw upon their personal networks to show you the unseen side of the world’s most visited, yet little-known locations.

4. Relax with Convenient and Comfortable Travel

Only small groups can avail themselves of premier local transport services. As such, expect to relax in spacious comfort to and from every tour destination. Sip on a complimentary refreshment as the beautiful countryside rolls by. Unwind in the pleasant cabin, confident that we’re transporting you via the most direct and remarkable route. Each transfer uses our proven network of local coach services. This means that you arrive on time, in comfort, and well-rested. No more waiting for buses, searching for storage space, or vying for elbow room. Quality transport is vital to an incredible journey, so look for a tour company that applies a personal touch to every leg of your next journey.

Ready to enjoy a truly personalized travel experience? Indulge your fascinations?

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