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Paul Martin Remfry on Great Castles of Ireland

Aurzelle da Silva on In the Footsteps of the Plantagenets

Ronnie Berri pouring a dram on Scotch Whisky in Depth

The Rich Rewards of Expert-Led Travel

The incredible experts who lead our tours – acclaimed scholars, historians, writers, artisans, and other authorities – share a commitment to ensuring our sojourners gain rare insight into the people, places, moments, and products that have shaped our world. When you travel with one of our experts, you get much more than merely a “tour” of stunning sites with a guide. Our experts are devoted to lifelong learning and have a wealth of experience and wisdom to share about their work and scholarship. These men and women have profound knowledge of the destinations that we explore – through both years of research and first-hand experience – which goes far beyond a guide reciting a memorized and well-crafted script.

Our scholars and experts also open doors to experiences that you would not have access to otherwise. Through their personal connections, their prestige, and their reputations, they frequently gain our groups access to behind-the-scenes experiences that would never be open to the general public. From thumbing through centuries-old manuscripts at a renowned library, to exploring a hidden (and locked) troglodyte chapel, to sampling from casks in a private wine cellar, our travelers frequently reap the rewards of traveling with a leader who has insider connections.

An old adage reminds us that there is no substitute for “the real thing” and this is certainly true when it comes to those who frame your travel experience. While the travel industry is full of very professional guides – many of whom are quite personable and have sincere enthusiasm for their work – at the end of the day, the information these guides relay has come from a script rather than a personal understanding which only decades of research, experience, and scholarship can provide. And that distinction makes a profound impact upon the travel experience they deliver.

There is simply no substitute for traveling with inspiring and acclaimed instructors who have dedicated their professional lives to the subject you explore. Travel is, after all, an investment. Not only an investment of your money, but also of something far more precious–your time. We encourage you to invest in travel wisely and discover the difference traveling with an expert makes. They will help you gain a deeper understanding of the land, culture, history and people of the destinations you explore. With this understanding, your journey blossoms and takes on deeper meaning. Experts are truly the secret ingredient to a life-changing travel experience.

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