Virtual Sojourn Savings Voucher
Offer Terms & Conditions

1) The Virtual Sojourn Savings Voucher (“the voucher”) is valid for its face value as a discount off of bookings for any upcoming scheduled sojourn through the expiration date indicated.

2) The voucher can only be applied to bookings for the individual named on the face of the voucher.

3) The voucher can be applied to direct bookings only. It is not applicable to bookings through travel agents or other third parties.

4) The voucher can be applied toward the balance payment only. It can not be applied to a deposit payment.

5) After the expiration date (the “Valid Through” date), the voucher has no value and is no longer valid.

6) You can register online or by calling Scholarly Sojourns at 1-800-419-3443 (Mon-Fri, 9AM – 7PM, Eastern Time). Your voucher savings will be automatically applied to your booking as long as you register before 11:59PM (Eastern Time) on Friday, December 31, 2023. When registering online, the savings will not be reflected on our website, but will be indicated in the official confirmation document we will send to you.

7) There is a limit of twenty Virtual Sojourn Savings Vouchers per customer per booking.

8) The voucher has no cash value.

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