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Now that the world is emerging from the Covid-19 pandemic and more and more countries are beginning to welcome visitors again, Scholarly Sojourns is pleased to offer a special series of Welcome Back Sojourns that will depart in October and November of 2021. These unique travel programs have been specifically designed to work well in the fledgling, post-pandemic world with features such as:

  • Adaptable itineraries that include a significant amount of outdoor activities
  • Itineraries that emphasize outdoor activities
  • Visits to sights that have now been reopened to tourists
  • Our passion for exploring our world remains as strong as ever, and Scholarly Sojourns remains steadfastly committed to providing you with safe, comfortable, and truly life-enriching travel experiences. This commitment has become even more steadfast in the wake of the Covid-19 pandemic and we have implemented special measures with our Welcome Back Sojourns to better ensure the health and safety of our  passengers. These include:

  • Working only with hotels that adhere to rigorous cleaning policies specially adapted for the Covid-19 era
  • Transportation on coaches much larger than required for the group size to allow for distancing
  • Sojourn coaches will be thoroughly cleaned each night and high-touch surfaces disinfected
  • Disinfecting wipes/sprays will be readily available on the coach
  • Seating in groups of four people or less for meals with tables generously spaced
  • Daily temperature checks of sojourn participants and staff
  • Things to consider before booking Welcome Back Sojourn(s)

    We understand you are eager to travel. We all are! But traveling in the fledgling, post-pandemic world will present a few additional challenges. Therefore, we suggest you consider the points below before registering for your welcome back sojourn(s):

  • Be prepared to show proof of vaccination to immigration authorities in Britain. The United Kingdom requires that all visitors from the US and Canada be double-vaccinated at least 14 days prior to arrival. If you are not vaccinated, you will be required to self-isolate in a hotel for 10 days (and no one really wants to do that!)
  • Welcome Back Sojourns will have late confirmation and it may be as late as 28 days prior to departure that our operation team makes the final determination if the sojourn will depart as planned.
  • You may be subject to random covid testing at arrival airports
  • Wearing masks will be required during coach journeys. At other times, our groups will follow the local rules set by the venues we visit. Even where masks are not required, those who wish to wear them are welcome to do so at any time
  • Some venues may require proof of vaccination
  • As a tour operator, the comfort and safety of passengers will always our first priority. Our operations team is constantly monitoring the situation with the Covid-19 (Coronavirus) pandemic and you have our promise that we will remain vigilant to keep our sojourns safe.

    Welcome Back Sojourns Frequently Asked Questions

    • What are Welcome Back Sojourns?

      Our Welcome Back Sojourns are a series a special travel programs that have been carefully planned to work well in the fledgling, post-pandemic world. They have been designed with adaptable itineraries, an empansis on outdoor activities, and visits to sites that have already confirmed their reopening plans.

    • What additional steps do I have to take prior to traveling during this time?

      Now more than ever, Scholarly Sojourns, strongly suggests that you purchase a travel insurance policy that will cover you in case the unexpected prevents, delays, or interupts your travel plans. Scholarly Sojourns is pround to recommend the policies offered by TravelSafe which include coverage for Covid-19 in the same way they cover other illnesses. You will also need to complete our Pre-Departure Health Declaration as well as sign an addtional liability waiver related to the Covid-19 pandemic. With regard to testing requirements and vaccination passports, these policies do vary by country and are frequently being updated. Scholarly Sojourns will constantly monitor the evolving requirements in each destination and make sure our passengers are made aware of the requirements and their responsibilities for travel.

    • Will I have to wear a mask during my sojourn?

      Masks will be required during journeys by coach. During outdoor activities, masks will be optional. At all other times, we will follow the rules set by the venues we are vistiting.

    • Will Scholarly Sojourns help to facilitate any mandatory testing that is required before my departure, during my sojourn, and prior to returning home?

      Any testing that is required prior to departure is the responsibilty of individual passengers. Scholarly Sojourns will make certain you are aware of exactly what the requirements are as you prepare for your sojourn. Although unlikely, should any testing be required during your sojourn, your travel diector will be there to facilitate this and make certain that it has minimal impact upon the sojourn schedule and itineary. Scholarly Sojourns will also factilitate testing at the conclusion of the sojourn for those planning to return home immediately afterward. For those planning to remain in the destination for a period of time following the sojourn’s conclusion, we will be happy to suggest the most convenient way to obtain testing prior to their departure. In all casees, the cost of any required testing is the responsibilty of each individual passenger.

    • What would happen if I contracted Covid-19 during my sojourn or tested positive prior to my return flight?

      Should you contract Covid-19 during the sojourn, your Travel Director will work with local authorities to make certain you receive any medical care you require and facilitate your isolation until you recover. You will be resonsibile for any medical expenses or addtional lodging costs. If you test positive for Covid-19 prior to flying home, you will need to quarantine in the destination for the required number of days as stipulated by your home government. In this situation, your Travel Director and our operations team will be happy to assit with necessary arrangements for your accommodations as well as keep in touch with you and support you until you are able to return home. Any costs incurred for having to quarantine will be your responsibility, which is why we strongly encourage you to purchase a travel insurance policy with trip interruption and trip delay coverages which will help to defray these expenses. Should you test positive upon arriving in your home country once your trip is complete, you will need to follow the guidelines as stipulated by your local government.

    If you have additional questions, please email us at: or call us at: 1-800-419-3443.

    We will be updating this page as new information is available, so please check back often.

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