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    Oct 20 - 27, 2024
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    Plymouth, England

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    Plymouth, England

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    Great Castles of Britain


  • Since long before the Normans conquered, and before the Anglo-Saxons arrived, even before the Romans occupied, the tiny peninsula at the southwest corner of Great Britain has been home to an industrious and dynamic people who have made this region splendidly unique. Cornwall is among the most remote regions of the British Isles—two-hundred miles from London—and thus has always been a distant place, a separate realm: in very many ways, its own nation. So, as with most nations, it developed its own traditions, a separate history, a unique cuisine, even a different language.

    Blessed with tremendous natural resources—from both the sea surrounding it and the ground beneath it—Cornwall has been able to prosper for centuries without much need of outside assistance. Thus, it has retained a unique identity that has long been homogenized in so many other historic regions of England. As such, it offers the rare opportunity to glimpse a bygone era, a long lost way of life. Because not only distance and the mighty River Tamar have proved to be quite stalwart boundaries which hamper encroachment, but a shared history, language, and strong sense of community have also provided insulation from the rest of the world.

    For much of Britain’s history, Cornwall’s remoteness also made it a place somewhat outside the realm of authority and even, perhaps, beyond the grasp of “the Crown” and its tax collectors. It developed its own customs, norms, and legal system. In bygone eras, when water was the primary mode of transportation, its myriad harbors, secluded tiny coves, and remote inlets provided attractive shelter for smugglers, pirates, and others who wished to dabble in illicit activity and live beyond the reach of the law. This colorful past has left it rich with tales and legends which are still revered, retold, and reimagined to this day.

    Join us for an unforgettable glimpse of this land and you’ll discover why it never ceases to captivate. Together, we will encounter stunning, sea-swept landscapes as we explore picturesque villages, rugged coastlines, and remarkable prehistoric monuments while delving into over 4,000 years of fascinating history. We’ll marvel at some of the most gorgeous vistas in all of the British Isles—an experience only surpassed by meeting the warm, welcoming people who inhabit this atmospheric realm, this happy place, this unique nation perched upon the cliffs where the land ends.

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