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This sojourn combines a healthy blend of thoughtful inquiry with free time to discover and enjoy two of Europe’s most enchanting capitals. Our days begin with a relaxed morning stroll through the streets of Saint Michel. The destination is our classroom in the Sorbonne – just a short walk from our hotel. There we enjoy an informal lecture to prepare us for what we’ll be exploring later in the day. Following the lecture, Professor Sutherland leads us to explore locations that help reveal the Napoleonic story. On a few occasions we are joined by select guest speakers who help shed light on a particular dimension of Napoleon’s life.

Daily Schedule: Tuesday, July 20
7:309:00 Breakfast at our hotel (individually)
9:0010:00 Morning Lecture – Classroom at the Sorbonne
10:0012:30 Privately guided visit to the Musée de l’Armée and the tomb of Napoleon at Les Invalides
12:3013:30 Lunch stop along the Champs Elysées
13:3015:30 Walking tour: “Napoleon Memorialized in Paris”
15:3019:30 Free time for sightseeing/shopping
19:3021:30 Seminar Evening with Guest Speaker
21:30 - Free

Plenty of time during the week is left free so participants can explore their own interests. In Paris, try a boat trip along the Seine for a unique perspective on the city. And don’t miss the most excellent shopping opportunities in Brussels.

When it comes to nightlife, it would be difficult to find richer cities. Whether it’s a romantic dinner for two that you seek or an evening exploring entertainment options, your Scholarly Sojourns’ tour manger is always on hand to recommend the best eateries and most coveted venues for an exciting and entertaining night out.

Seminar Evenings
During the week we spend two evenings engaged in discussion and debate about the material we cover. These special seminar evenings are designed to encourage all participants to contribute their thoughts and impressions. While the group enjoys outstanding meals (and a few bottles of wine), Professor Sutherland leads a discussion of topics covered during the visits and lectures. The locations for the seminar evenings are often stories in themselves – rustic and historic restaurants off the beaten path.
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