Experience a Journey to Ireland’s Greatest Castles


SOJOURN DESCRIPTION: Join us this Saint Patrick’s Day as we take a virtual expedition entirely around the beautiful Emerald Isle to visit its most spectacular castles. Our journey will take us back as far as the early Middle Ages when Ireland was home to roughly 150 different kingdoms–each of them with a castle, or two, or more–all of them vying for power, control, and dominance. Today, the remains of many of these castles lie resting in the wonderous natural beauty of the Irish countryside and each of these marvelous structures reveals a unique and fascinating slice of Ireland’s colorful history. Our virtual sojourn will explore the remarkable stories these great castles have left for posterity as well as reveal the stunning vistas afforded only to those who are lucky enough to gaze through their windows.

During this live 90-minute virtual sojourn you will discover:

  • The best castles to explore when you visit Ireland
  • The most significant events that transpired at each castle and the key historical figures who were involved
  • The fascinating history of Ireland as revealed by its stunning castles
  • The main architectural components of each castle and how these marvelous structures evolved over time

YOUR VIRTUAL SOJOURN LEADER: This fascinating virtual sojourn will be presented by Paul Martin Remfry, one of the greatest castle scholars of our era. A meticulous researcher, Remfry has spent over 30 years studying medieval history, genealogy, and architecture and has authored over 50 books and scholarly papers on medieval castles, abbeys, and battles.

SUNDAY, MARCH 17, 2024
3:00 PM (EASTERN) |12:00 PM (PACIFIC)
PRICE: $24.00

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