The Medieval Castle


SOJOURN DESCRIPTION: Thousands of castles survive in Europe’s historic landscape. So many, in fact, that any visitor is certain to encounter one, two, or several of them while traveling there. Thus, learning how to approach castles, their styles, architecture, form, significance, and historical impact will most certainly enrich the experience of anyone planning to visit Europe. These fascinating medieval structures once served both as military devices and as private homes. Many still dominate town centers and some are enormous complexes well worth exploring. Each, played its role in history, effecting both social and economic change while permanently marking the territory over which it presided. And each reveals a fascinating window into the past. Join us for this unique virtual sojourn and learn from author and historian, Paul Martin Remfry, how to decipher a castle’s history and discern how it shaped the territory over which it presided.

During this 90-minute virtual sojourn you will discover:

  • The types of castles and how, why, and when they were constructed
  • Where to find the best castles to explore on your next trip to Europe
  • The history of medieval castles from the 10th – 15th Centuries
  • The main components of castle architecture and their purposes

SOJOURN LEADER: This fascinating virtual sojourn is presented by Paul Martin Remfry, one of the greatest castle scholars of our era. A meticulous researcher, Remfry has spent over 30 years studying medieval history, genealogy, and architecture and has authored over 50 books and scholarly papers on medieval castles, abbeys, and battles.

2:00 PM (EASTERN) | 11:00 AM (PACIFIC)
PRICE: $24.00

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