A fairly itinerant program, this tour is a carefully blended mix of archaeology, history, and literature. Our days frequently begin with an engaging presentation by our tour leader during which he examines literary works that help to focus our activities later in the day. Afternoons are spent exploring the archaeological and historical sites associated with Arthurian legend. In the evenings we unwind over dinners and drinks engaged in discussions of the connections between the literature and the locations we have seen.

Daily Schedule: Friday, October 9
7:309:00 Breakfast at our hotel (individually)
9:00 Departure for Cadbury Castle. Morning briefing en route.
11:0012:00 Tour of Cadbury Castle with a local archeologist.
12:0013:00 Lunch in Camelot: a Scholarly Sojourns’ signature picnic at Cadbury Castle.
13:00 Departure for Bath
14:0017:00 Free time in Bath
17:00 Departure for Wells (via Cheddar Gorge)
17:3018:00 A drive through Cheddar Gorge
18:30 Arrival and free evening in Wells

While the program keeps us quite busy, we never forget that this journey is a vacation. So an ample amount of time is scheduled so that participants can pursue their own interests. Mid-day lunch stops often include free time to explore the locations we visit. In addition, three evenings during the tour are left entirely free so that participants have the opportunity to pursue their own dining and entertainment interests.

Round-Table Dinners
Two evenings on this tour are reserved for group dinners during which we enjoy discussing Arthurian literature and legend. On one evening we are joined by a professional story-teller who helps bring to life some of the tales. Another dinner takes place directly overlooking the legendary birthplace of King Arthur himself.
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