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To any passionate lover of great literature, Ralph Waldo Emerson’s assertion that “In a library we are surrounded by many hundreds of dear friends imprisoned by an enchanter in paper and leathern boxes” hits close to home. During the countless hours we spend vicariously experiencing the twists of fate and fortune of our favorite characters while sifting through the pages of our most-treasured literary works, we make connections, in our own way, to the characters and events that remind us of the shared experiences of being human. This is part of the magic created by the writer, and even after reading the pages time and time again, we find that there is always more to discover.

It is with this shared passion for great books and the joy of discovering fresh insights from them that Scholarly Sojourns invites you to go beyond the solitude of the home, the classroom, or the library, and join fellow book-lovers to enjoy a closer experience with great literary works in the very places that inspired their authors. Perhaps there is no better way of communing with the writer and the characters than by exploring these important settings and discovering the secrets they reveal for us.

Scholarly Sojourns proudly offers a wide array of literature-themed tours that allow you to go beyond the words and pages to explore the actual settings of some of your favorite books. Of course, the greatest benefit of traveling with Scholarly Sojourns is that each of our tours is led by a highly-acclaimed expert….a respected scholar who guides you to a deeper, richer understanding by exploring seminal plot elements, themes, and questions. Moreover, you and your fellow sojourners approach the work against the backdrop of the atmospheric and evocative locales that inspired the author’s words, ensuring a closer, more meaningful connection with the text itself.

Whatever your literary appetite may crave – medieval classics, epics, revolutionary poetry, and even modern best-sellers – Scholarly Sojourns is happy to tempt you out of the library on an exploration that enables us to unlock our “dear friends” from their “paper and leathern boxes,” bringing us closer than ever to the author and literature, while creating memories that will last a lifetime.

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