At A Glance:
  • Tour Dates:
    April 19 - 27, 2020

    Tour begins:
    Edinburgh, Scotland

    Tour concludes:
    Edinburgh, Scotland

    $3,750/person (DO)
    $4,250/person (SO)

    Optional Air Package:


  • It is remarkable how much of Scotland and its history can be experienced by traveling along its whisky trail. That’s because so much of Scotland’s past is intimately tied to the evolution of its whisky production. For what began centuries ago as an illicit activity carried out in remote corners of the country by those who wished to thumb their nose at governmental authority (and The Crown), has become a refined, multi-layered craft that is evocative of the modern nation into which Scotland has evolved.

    Yet whisky still retains a special charm that conjures a sense of nostalgia and romance for many who partake. Perhaps it’s because each single malt whisky is inextricably tied to the place where it is crafted. And each place that crafts Scotch Whisky is quite unique — with people, with a history, and with legends and lore that connect those people to one another and to their shared past. In the end, all of these are unseen ingredients which contribute to the character of the spirit produced in that place.

    This exclusive tour to iconic distilleries in the four main whisky-producing regions of Scotland helps you enhance your appreciation for whisky by allowing you to experience it directly from its source and by offering you the chance to discover the unique history and people behind each bottle. The itinerary is designed to further attune your senses to the complexities of individual malts and the roles that land, air, water, and a lengthy maturation process play in creating the unique character found in every dram.

    We will learn all about this as we journey across the Lowlands, the Highlands, and islands of Scotland together. Along the way, we will have the opportunity to sample nearly 100 different single malts—some at the distilleries themselves, others during spectacular dining experiences and also along the roadside as we stop in scenic areas to simply take in Scotland’s jaw-dropping beauty.

    But this tour is much more than merely a whisky tour. Because along the way, you also have the opportunity to experience the mesmerizing beauty of Scotland’s landscape and explore its breathtaking countryside. You learn its fascinating history, observe its culture and traditions, and meet its warm, welcoming people. In the end you discover, in fact, that all of these contribute to your growing fondness for the extraordinary spirit known throughout the world as Scotch Whisky, but known to Scots by the most fitting name of uisge beatha, the “water of life.”

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