At A Glance:
  • Dates:
    Sept 15 - 29, 2024

    Tour begins:
    Bayonne, France

    Tour concludes:
    Bilbao, Spain

    $7,895/person (DO)
    $8,795/person (SO)

    Optional Air Package:


  • In a tiny region that crosses the Pyrenees and straddles the border of France and Spain is a somewhat mysterious land that historically cannot be found on maps, save the ones produced by those who lived here. This area is rich in resources and possesses tranquil, natural beauty that is both alluring and haunting. But, first and foremost, it is the people of this region that make it an incomparable destination.

    The Basques are truly an enigmatic lot—they live in what they declare to be Europe’s oldest nation without ever having been a recognized, sovereign state. Their exact origins still remain somewhat unclear (even to them) and the unique language they speak, Euskera—the oldest language in Europe—has no relatives. Yet, despite their obscure roots, these industrious people have extended their influence far and wide, and their accomplishments in art, architecture, and trade (just to name a few) are momentous. But ultimately it is their delectable culinary heritage that brings foodie pilgrims from all parts of the globe to explore this remote corner of Europe. And for those who make the journey, lie rewards of unforgettable delights—truly a feast for the senses.

    From fairy tale-like villages to modern architectural landmarks to world-class food and wine, the Basque Country is truly exceptional. Quite simply, it is like no other place on Earth. Join us for this unforgettable sojourn as we go deep inside this enchanting land to discover its secrets and sample its riches. In our quest to uncover culinary treats and savor delectable wines, we will stroll atmospheric, cobblestone lanes and weave through majestic medieval cities. We will encounter picturesque byways, rustic villages, and discover stunning, off-the-beaten-path locales. We will sniff out the artisanal delicacies found only in this extraordinary region and we will meet the warm and welcoming people who produce them. In the end, we will be forever richer for the days we pass here and we will leave rewarded with a deep appreciation for this remarkable plot, this rich and verdant realm—a place known to those on the outside as the Basque Country, but known to the Basques themselves as their beloved, beautiful homeland—Euskadi.

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