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  • Dates:
    June 5 -12, 2016

    Florence, Italy

    $3,295/person (DO)
    $3,745/person (SO)

    Combines With:
    The Foundations of Western Civilization: Rome

  • Anne Hathaway's CottageShakespeare Statue Stratford-Upon-AvonShakespeare's Grave

    We begin each morning on this sojourn with an informal lecture from Professor Hailey during which he examines one of Shakespeare’s works. In Stratford we hold these lectures in our hotel’s lovely garden courtyard. A few of the works we examine in print we’ll also see realized on the stage later in the day. Afternoons are generally spent exploring the sites significant to Shakespeare’ and which help reveal his life and works in greater depth. There are a couple of special treats as well: an afternoon balloon flight in Stratford provides a bird’s eye view over Shakespeare country and the route Shakespeare must have surely traveled as he set out for London as an aspiring young playwright.

    Daily Schedule: Monday, June 28
    7:309:00 Breakfast at the Faclcon Hotel (individually)
    9:3010:00 Morning Lecture – Falcon Hotel garden
    10:0013:00 Privately guided walking tour: “The Stratford of Shakespeare” including visits to Shakespeare’s birthplace, gravesite, and memorial.
    13:0014:30 Picnic lunch in the countryside
    14:3016:30 Balloon flight over “Shakespeare Country”
    16:3017:00 Post-flight champagne reception
    17:0020:00 Free
    20:0022:30 Performance of King Lear at the Shakespeare Memorial Theatre
    22:3023:30 Post-performance drinks and discussion at a local pub (optional).

    The sojourn schedule also takes care to allow plenty of free time for participants to explore their own interests. A free afternoon in Stratford allows for an excursion to nearby Warwick or perhaps for a lazy afternoon of paddling down the River Avon. In London, two evenings are left entirely free to explore all the timeless city has to offer. For some shopping, head over to Oxford Street or Piccadilly. If you need a suggestion for the perfect restaurant, your Scholarly Sojourns’ tour manger will know just the place. And, when it comes to entertainment options, you couldn’t be in a better city.

    Seminar Evenings
    Seminar evenings present a forum for group discussion of the material we have covered and on this sojourn the locations for these events are a real treat. In Stratford we dine at an historic inn while professor Hailey leads us in discussion. In London we sup at an historic pub on the banks of the Thames, just steps from where the Globe Theater once stood. There we discuss his works while we gaze upon a river view not that unlike what Shakespeare himself must surely have enjoyed.
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