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  • Dates:
    June 5 -12, 2016

    Florence, Italy

    $3,295/person (DO)
    $3,745/person (SO)

    Combines With:
    The Foundations of Western Civilization: Rome

  • Uncovering Camelot

    Tales of King Arthur and his Knights of the Round Table have been captivating the imaginations of readers with stirring tales of chivalry, valor, and romance for centuries. And the remarkable number of references in classic Arthurian works to actual locations in Britain have led even some historians and archeologists to question the distance between fact and fiction. This sojourn transports us through the stunningly beautiful southwestern corner of the British Isles as we investigate some of the most notable sites of Arthurian lore and examine both their historical and literary connections. As we immerse ourselves in the evocative atmospheres of South Wales, Cornwall, and Somerset, together we ponder questions that have enthralled readers for ages. Could there have actually been a King Arthur? Was there an Excalibur? A round table? Did Camelot exist? Join us on this imaginative sojourn and you just may find yourself closer to answering those questions than you ever imagined.

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