1) What kind of weather can I expect in Italy in June?

Average daytime temperatures in June range from the low to mid-80’s, but it can get cooler in the late evenings and night. Rain is infrequent at this time, but participants may want to bring a lightweight, waterproof jacket or a small umbrella.

2) Can I arrive before or remain after the sojourn?

Yes. If you would like to arrive at the start location in advance or remain at the end location after the sojourn has concluded, Scholarly Sojourns can help you arrange your hotel accommodation and is often able to secure attractive rates. Please indicate these preferences to us after you have registered for a particular sojourn.

3) How much walking will be required on this sojourn?

This sojourn involves several tours of historic sites that require walking a considerable distance. All participants should be comfortable walking up to a mile at a time and climbing up to three flights of stairs at a time.

4) I am a single traveler, can you help me find a roommate?

Scholarly Sojourns will do all we can to match single travelers with a suitable roommate if they desire. But we cannot guarantee that roommates will be available. Therefore all single travelers should register as such and be prepared to pay the single traveler rate should a roommate not be identified.

5) Is this sojourn appropriate for children?

This sojourn is not appropriate for children. Young adults, however, will find the program quite enjoyable, and they may find it gets them extra credit in their history class.

The works below will help to better acquaint you with the subject matter of this sojourn.

Virgil, The Aeneid
Livy, The History of Rome
Tacitus, Annals and Histories
Ovid, The Metamorphoses

The meeting point for this sojourn is wither the Hotel Forum in Rome. Participants making their own travel arrangements should plan to arrive there between 10:00 and 16:00 on the first day of the sojourn. The first official sojourn activity begins at 17:00 that day.

Optional air package from/to New York: $1,395/person The air package includes round-trip, trans-Atlantic flight, airport transfers in the destination, and 100% travel assurance. This travel package can be booked once you have registered for this sojourn and paid the deposit of $500 per traveler. Scholarly Sojourns can also help arrange your travel from any US gateway.

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