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The shear number of magnificent sites to explore in Rome and Naples make this sojourn quite active.  Our days are peppered with lively, engaging presentations from Professor Shutt and visits to the archeological treasures that surround us.  A typical morning begins with an informal lecture on the rooftop terrace of our hotel – overlooking either the ruins of the Roman Forum or the Bay of Naples. Following these lectures, the group heads off to explore the monuments which reveal Rome’s legacy and help illuminate the connections between the classical world and our own.  In Rome we often explore with private guides who lead us through the complex remnants of the forum and the magnificent Pantheon. In Naples we are joined by local experts on specific sites such as Pompeii and Herculaneum.

Daily Schedule: Tuesday, June 15
7:309:00 Breakfast at Hotel Forum (individually)
9:0010:00 Morning Lecture – Hotel Forum Rooftop Terrace
10:0012:30 Privately guided walking tour of ancient Rome with visits to Castel San Angelo and the Pantheon
12:3013:30 Lunch stop in Campo di Fiori (your tour manager will point out where to get the best pizza in Rome!)
13:3018:30 Optional excursion to Villa Adriana in Tivoli
19:3021:30 Seminar Evening at Canova Tadolini
21:30 Free

Plenty of free time is also scheduled so participants have time to relax and pursue their own interests. Want to explore Rome’s shopping?  Then head to via Condoti and the Piazza di Spagna.  For excellent dining options and an authentic Roman ambiance, we suggest a trip across the Tiber to the Trastevere neighborhood. When it comes to nightlife, Rome offers a multitude of options. Whether it’s a romantic dinner for two or an evening exploring entertainment options in the “Eternal City,” Scholarly Sojourns’ staff members are always on hand to recommend the best eateries and most coveted venues for an exciting night out.

Seminar Evenings
Two evenings during the week are reserved for special seminars designed to encourage group participation and discussion. During these events, we explore the literary legacy of the Romans, namely the writings of  Virgil and Ovid.  Over fine dinners and a few bottles of wine Professor Shutt leads the group in a discussion of  key texts such as Virgil’s Aenied as well as topics covered during the visits and morning lectures. The locations for the seminar evenings are a story in themselves – a ‘museum’ restaurant dedicated to the works of two Italian artists and a rustic, family-run trattoria off the beaten path. Seminar evenings provide all participants the opportunity to contribute their thoughts and impressions as well as get feedback from other participants.
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