Most mornings begin with a relaxed briefing from Professor Madden on the terrace of our hotel overlooking the ancient city.  Following the talk, our days become quite active for there is over a thousand years of Byzantine history to uncover in Istanbul.  Often we are led to unique and hidden parts of the ancient capital that help to reveal the Byzantine city buried under centuries of development.

Some days we are joined by special guest speakers who share their expertise on a particular aspect of the empire.  One special day is spent almost entirely on the water as we journey via private yacht charter around the Bosphorus and up the Golden Horn, stopping at relevant sites along the way.  In every setting we explore the significance of the location and reconstruct (if only in our minds) the Byzantine City that was.

Daily Schedule: Tuesday, July 20
7:309:00 Breakfast at Hotel Sultanhan (individually)
9:0010:00 Morning Lecture – Hotel Sultanhan Rooftop Terrace
10:0012:00 Walking tour: The Great Palace Complex
12:0013:00 Lunch stop in Sultan Ahmet (your tour manager will point the way to the best köfte and pide in Istanbul)
13:0015:00 Visit to the Palace Mosaic Museum
15:0019:30 Free time  to sight see and shop
19:3021:30 Seminar Evening and group dinner at Mosaic Restaurant
21:30 - Free

Plenty of free time is scheduled so participants can pursue their own interests.  During the course of the week  you’ll have several afternoons and evenings free.  This will give you time to enjoy your own sightseeing.  Fancy a bit of shopping?  Then it’s time for a visit to the Grand Bazaar or the spice bazaar.

When it comes to dining, Istanbul is also remarkable place.  Fine Turkish and Ottoman cuisine can be found in abundance.  How about enjoying the unparalleled nightlife that a city which spans two continents can offer?  Your Scholarly Sojourns Tour Manager is always on hand to recommend the most interesting restaurants and entertainment options to give you a unique cultural perspective on the fascinating modern day Istanbul.

Seminar Evenings
Two evenings during the week are reserved for special seminars designed to encourage group participation and discovery.  We’ll enjoy a typical Turkish meal, Professor Madden leads us in a discussion of topics we’ve covered during our visits and morning lectures.  The locations for these seminar evenings are often stories in themselves – rustic restaurants off the beaten path, and traditional eateries featuring the finest Turkish cuisine.  All participants are encouraged to contribute their thoughts during these special seminars.
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