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  • Upcoming departures:
    April 2 - 10, 2024
    Oct 29 - Nov 6, 2024
    Mar 25 - Apr 2, 2025
    Oct 28 - Nov 5, 2025

    Sojourn begins:
    Edinburgh, Scotland

    Sojourn concludes:
    Glasgow, Scotland

    Price from:
    $8,599/person (DO)
    $9,399/person (SO)

    Combines with:
    Scotch Whisky in Depth

    Great Castles of Ireland


  • Most Scotch Whisky lovers agree that just a sip can evoke an entire sensory experience: visions of craggy moors and rolling hills interrupted only by an endless sky; the smell of peat bogs and handcrafted casks; a cool, crisp, windswept landscape. Indeed, many people admit to beginning a lifelong romance with Scotch from their very first taste. And that’s exactly what sets this prized spirit apart from others and often stirs such passion in those who partake.

    But true whisky aficionados also know that some of the very best whiskies—those rare, single-cask, and well-aged expressions—can only be found close to their source. In fact, many distilleries frequently offer hand-fill opportunities from some of their most prized casks, but one must visit in order to take them up on the offer. In addition, each year, special, exclusive bottlings are released in very limited quantities and, likewise, are only available to those who travel to the distillery.

    Join us for this once-in-a-lifetime journey across the land of Scotch Whisky as we travel under the expert guidance of renowned whisky ambassador, Ronnie Berri. This exclusive tour will fill you with a sense of excitement and mystery as we go in search of the most rare and special single-malts available today. Together we enjoy insider access at distilleries and go into warehouses to sample the treasures we find. Our experience is heightened further by the other settings in which we find ourselves—those idyllic and atmospheric Scottish backdrops against which whisky is certainly made to be enjoyed: the shores of picturesque lochs, stunning glens surrounded by majestic mountains, windswept peat bogs, and beside the roaring fireplaces of historic castles and manors.

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