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Seljalandsfoss Waterfall in Iceland

Whisky Tasting with Oysters

Whitby Abbey

Set Sail for New Discoveries in 2017

Our ever more inter-connected world entreats us to experience and engage with other cultures in order to become genuine members of the global community. And, despite the upheavals we have witnessed in the world recently, the benefits of travel will always far outweigh any fears or perceived risks we may associate with venturing abroad. Perhaps now more than ever, it is important that we embrace travel as a powerful, uniting force which teaches us about history and broadens our perspectives.

Statistically considered, driving to work every day is far more daring than traveling to destinations such as England or Iceland or Italy; emotionally considered, travel opens our minds, erodes fears, melts stereotypes and expands our comfort zones. With each stop at a pub or restaurant, with every visit to a museum or historical monument, and with every chance encounter with a local, travel opens our eyes to others: other cultures, other civilizations, other eras, other ways of looking at the world. Perhaps most significant is that the experience is always self-reflective: it is impossible to return without having gained a fresh new way of looking at our own surroundings.

Just as ship in a harbor must venture into unfamiliar waters in order to fulfill its destiny, so too, we, as intellectually-curious global citizens, must travel in order to arrive at fuller appreciation for the human predicament. Many people will never take that leap, but don’t let that be you. Instead, make a commitment to casting off your bowlines and hoisting your sails. There is no better time to do so than at the dawn of a new year which is full of possibilities. At Scholarly Sojourns, our promise has always been that when you travel with us, you’ll return with a richer understanding of our world. That assurance is as true today as it has ever been. So what are you waiting for? Please join us to explore and discover in 2017!

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