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Arthurian Britain: Why You Need to Uncover Camelot with Us!

From stirring tales of chivalry, to romance that has changed the course of history, join us as we separate fact from fiction through the southwestern corner of the British Isles, covering the most notable sites of Arthurian lore. We use literature, history, and physical settings of South Wales, Cornwall, and Somerset to really ponder the questions that have been nagging at historians for centuries. We sojourn down the rabbit hole, in the most immersive and enlightening way possible.

From a historical standpoint, get ready to whet your scholarly appetite as well as peruse Carleon, Wales and the best-preserved Roman Amphitheater in Britain. We also take on Caerwent, Wales and its well-preserved Roman walls.

Of course, we venture to King Arthur’s Stone at the Arthurian Centre in Slaughterbridge, the Tintagel Castle, and surrounding landmarks where you will have time to sit, write, read, and take in the exact settings that are described in some of the world’s most famous literature.

Along the way, we provide you with literary parallels, as delivered by Sojourn Leader: David Raybin, Professor Emeritus of English at Eastern Illinois University. Holding a Ph.D. in comparative medieval literature from Columbia University, David Raybin delivers important similarities and contrasts in English books, novels, and poems to give you a greater understanding of the sentiment at the time, as well as the legends as they molded, twisted, and changed over the centuries.

Beautiful British Locations
We would be remiss if we didn’t highlight the gorgeous British countryside stops that will undoubtedly make you want to bring some photography equipment along. We’ll spend time in Pembrokeshire Coast National Park, St. Michael’s Mount in Cornwall, the City of Bath, and many other places that have been capture on postcards for centuries. Sit back and listen to the wind as it rolls over the British hills, whispering answers into your ears that might not be tangible in the literature and history texts available to us today.

Decide for Yourself
At the end of your active investigation, once we provide you with everything you need to decide on some answers for yourself, you will be an Arthurian history expert, with your own opinions on the lore and the legends. What’s real and what’s not? There’s only one way for you to find out!

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