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    Nov 10 - 17, 2024
    Nov 9 - 16, 2025

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    Milan, Italy

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    Milan, Italy

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    $5,095/person (DO)
    $6,045person (SO)

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    Scotch Whisky Connoisseur

  • The beautiful region of Piedmont, tucked away in Italy’s northwest corner, is an epicure’s playground. A vast area that borders both Switzerland and France, Piedmont is a unique world unto itself. Perhaps it is the thick fogs that often blanket its world-class vineyards—giving their name, nebbia, to the region’s premier grape—that shroud it from the rest of the Italian peninsula to the south. Certainly that can be said of the stunning Alps, which loom magnificently and isolate it to the east and north. Add to that the region’s hopelessly alluring lakes and captivating hilltop villages (of which there are far more than in Tuscany), and here you discover a people who long ago learned to rely on their own community for everything, most especially for their sustenance.

    Once one gets to know the cuisine of Piedmont, it comes as no surprise to learn that the International Slow Food movement was born here. Foodies now come from across the globe to sip their wines, nibble their cheeses, savor their succulent meat dishes, and last but far from least, they come to taste their truffles. In the autumn, every small town in the region hosts a truffle, wild mushroom, or wine festival, thus making fall the most ideal time of year for food-lovers to visit. It is during this time that you encounter delighted visitors relishing free samples in the markets and mingling in the piazzas with the friendly, but often rather bewildered locals, who are flattered but still not quite accustomed to all the attention.

    Join us as we enjoy a gastronomically-rich week among the picturesque hilltop towns of the Langhe, Roero, and Monferrato—the culinary heartland of Piedmont and home to its two most famous wines: Barolo and Barbaresco. Together we dine on the specialties of the region and visit its wineries to sample their production. We enjoy presentations from winemakers and experts as we come to know all of the scrumptious, artisanal products to be found here: fine cheeses, exquisite pastas, tempting chocolates, and, of course, the prized truffles—food of the gods!

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