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Our Leaders Make the Difference

One of our core beliefs at Scholarly Sojourns is: “A gifted and inspiring teacher is the best guide.” Indeed, we feel strongly that a gifted and inspiring teacher is one of the key ingredients essential to crafting each of our unique travel experiences, which is why all of our tour leaders have been purposefully chosen based upon their expertise and scholarship in the specific subject matter particular to each tour. And, since we also believe that every journey should engage the mind, having a highly knowledgeable expert at the helm of a group of enthusiastic travelers undoubtedly promotes an intellectually-stimulating environment that makes learning all the more enjoyable. The outstanding group of scholars and experts at the front and center of our tours is just one of the hallmark features we like to think of as “the Scholarly Sojourns difference.”

Glancing over the impressive array of scholars on our “Find A Sojourn” page testifies to the credentials and profound depth of knowledge the sojourn leaders bring to our tours. The best part is that these experts are right there guiding your exploration of the subject matter, including its themes and connections, at the very locations that are germane to experiential learning. Beyond just providing a plethora of relevant factual information, these tour leaders are well-equipped to enrich your learning experience through carefully selected readings and thoughtful, often amusing, anecdotes that breathe new life into that topic. Of course, the immediacy of having considerate responses to questions that arise from our intellectually-curious sojourners is an additional benefit not to be overlooked. Moreover, on every tour our expert scholars prepare in advance to deliver the opening evening’s keynote address as well as conduct symposium-style lectures at each of the scheduled seminar dinners. These relaxed social gatherings invite all of our participants to share thoughts and ideas, raise questions, and celebrate the highlights of our sojourn in the spirit of companionship and collegiality.

Scholarly Sojourns sincerely believes that our scholars enhance the enjoyment and pleasures of learning, and as one of our recent sojourners so aptly and succinctly commented on her tour leader: “(He) was to the tour as wine is to a meal—he elevated the experience from mundane to something really special.” Truly, a gifted and inspiring teacher is the best guide, and we are proud to offer some of the very finest available to lead our tours. This will always be an essential component of “the Scholarly Sojourns difference.”

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